How to access files from another computer on the same network

Sometimes, it becomes problematic for many of us to share or transfer files from one computer to another computer that are linked through the same network. It sometimes becomes too challenging for the newbies to transfer data from one personal computer to the other computer.

Many people think that the accomplishment of this task requires any kind of expertise. However, this is wrong. Transferring or sharing data is not so tough and complicated a task as many of us take it. It only requires some knowledge to happen. By having sufficient knowledge anyone can perform this task easily without hustles.

This article is based on transferring or sharing various files and data from one computer to another computer. This article summarizes all the essential and required information regarding different tools, techniques, and software that are used for the purpose of transferring files from one personal computer to the other one.

This should be kept under consideration that the tools techniques and software mentioned in this article for sharing data between 2 computers is only applicable if they belong to the same network i.e. they are linked in LAN. This article concludes all the possible ways to share or transfer data and information from one personal computer to the other wirelessly.

Best way to share files and data between personal computers connected to the same network

Many articles provide guidance regarding sharing of data and files among Nearby devices and computers through software and One drive cloud services. This article will let everyone know about the best software for transferring and sharing data i.e. Ease US Todo PCTrans, also mentions its pros and cons.

  • Ease US Todo PCTrans has the ability to solve all the issues and problems one is facing while transferring data from one computer to the other computer. Moreover, it is also beneficial for its users as it is cheap from the other file sharing paid software and services.
  • Windows 10 offers the sharing of data from one personal computer to the other personal computer without the installation of any new software. However, it restricts the usage of it on its users due to several usage restrictions.
  • The use of One drive cloud services to share and transfer data gives only 5Gb storage space to its user in each computer to store data. In order to have more storage, one is allowed to purchase more space by paying for the software.

Method to Use:

 Open the EaseUs Todo PCTrans on both personal computers and select the “PC to PC” option.

Step2: Now, connect both personal computers by entering the password and the verifying code on the required PC and link to the network. Make sure that you have selected the accurate transfer direction and then click on the Connect to proceed. The verifying code is displayed on the top right corner of PC to PC on the required computer’s main screen.

Step3: Now, select the option of Files and click on the Edit option to select the files you want to transfer.

Step4: Now you have the option to select the specific files. You even have the option to select the storage path of the transferred data.Step5: To begin the process, select the Finish and transfer option.

Sharing files between computers through Nearby Sharing

Using Nearby Sharing on windows 10 facilitates the users to share and transfer one file from one personal computer to the other personal computer as compared to the HomeGroup which demands a proper set up which is complicated.

Nearby sharing is useful to transfer the photos, documents files, and web pages from one personal computer to the other personal computer by simply turning in the Bluetooth of both the computers which are connected to the same network. It is also necessary that your personal computers have Windows 10 running in them with version 1803 or later.

If nearby sharing is useful, yet it can be crashed easily too. Many of the people, that are using nearby sharing on regular basis are complaining that they are facing troubleshooting issues and their nearby sharing option is not working properly just because of some unreported and un-defined reasons. If any of you find this type of issue, don’t worry at all and take this issue easy. What you have to do is, just use the competent data transfer tool to figure out the root of the issue.

Following are the steps to use Nearby sharing for transferring files and data from one computer to the other personal computer which are linked to the same network.

  1. In order to enable the Nearby sharing option, you have to simply go to the settings, then to the system, then select the shared experiences, and from there enable the nearby sharing option. Do the same thing with that personal computer on which you desire to share or transfer your data.
  2.  After enabling the nearby sharing, select everyone nearby. By doing this, your personal computer will be able to receive the data and files from other personal computers that are connected to the same network. Also, do this thing on the other personal computer.
  3.  Now go to the personal computer from which you have to transfer or share a file, click on the file explorer, find and select the document you want to share with the other personal computer. Now click on the Share option then select nearby sharing, now it’s time to choose the device to which you want to share your file. When a pop-up notification occurs on the screen of the other personal computer you have the options either to save and open or to save only. 

Another approach to share or transfer files and data from one personal computer to the other is through the OneDrive cloud service. OneDrive cloud service offers the data storage of 5Gb. For more storage, one has to pay for it.

  1.  Find the file from file explorer and select the one you want to share, then click on the Share option on the toolbar. When a pop-up notification appears on the screen, select the OneDrive option.
  2.  After selecting the OneDrive option, click on the Add button. This will add and upload your required file on the OneDrive cloud account.
  3.  Once the syncing finishes, you will open the application of OneDrive cloud on the other personal computer and will click right to select the Download option.

In this way, the file would be transferred from one PC to the other.

This article concludes all the three possible ways to transfer or share the data from one personal computer to the other personal computer wirelessly. This includes deep discussions on the step-by-step usage of each method. The above-mentioned content is very useful for everyone especially for the beginners who want to share or transfer between personal computers which are linked to the same network or LAN.

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