Activate Windows 7 Free In USA, Activate windows 7 without product key

By windows 7 activator amazing and free method you will be able to activate windows 7 from USA. With this method, you will be able to activate only.

We are working to bring the activation process for other versions as well. But as kingactivator believes to provide quality and real-time information to their users so once we will finalize our testing process to activate other versions, we will quickly update all of you through this amazing platform.

So, now the question is how? Just follow the steps below to activate windows 7 just in a few minutes. Kind reminder, Follow these very few steps one by one carefully or you can watch the video below before proceeding.
  • 1. You need to visit/click
  • 2. A screen with a few coding will appear. But no need to worry it’s part of the Windows 7 activation process.
  • 3. Now, you need to save it as a batch file, name “windows7.cmd” ( You can save it anywhere with no problem. Like in the Download folder or at the Desktop.) Just use the keyboard command ( CTRL + S ) it will ask you to “save as”. Finish this process and follow step 3
  • 4. Now, Right-click on text file you saved and run it as “administrator”

Congratulation You successfully follow all the steps to activate windows 7. Now you need to check that your windows are really activated? Follow below final step.

  • 5. Go to Desktop and do a Right click on My computer then select Properties and you will find your windows 7 operating system activated.

Only follow these few steps and you will find your windows 7 activated. You can also activate windows 7 by using the KMSPico method.

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