Google Sms Backup and Restore

The fact that you’re here means you’re searching for information on google sms backup and restore. Even though Google automatically saves your text messages for almost 57 days. Additionally, if you wish to fully backup your android messages. An application from a third party would be needed.

To fully protect your Android text messages, you’ll need SMS Backup and Restore. You would need to follow some simple steps to get your desired action to happen.

Backup and Restore Text Messages on Android

We all know that old backups get deleted over time and you need to do something else for restoring your data.

Install SMS backup and Restore app:

To begin with, you need to download the SMS Backup and Restore App from the Google Play store. Take a look at the following image. 

google sms backup and restore

Once your app has been installed, open it by clicking on “Get Started”. Allow all permission requests and then click “Set up a backup.”. You may see the green “”Get Started”” button below. Here is an example of what you should do. 

google sms backup and restore

Back up settings: 

Now it’s time to manage the backup settings. You can do that by opening Set Up Backup and selecting “Messages”. In addition, you can review your phone logs if you need a copy of the history of your calls. Otherwise, uncheck the call logs. You can use the image below to help you with this setting procedure.

Where would you like to store your messages?  

Right after hitting the “Next” button another bar with the checklist would be on your screen. This War would be written on the top Where would you like to store your messages?  Here you would have several options like Google drive, drop box, one drive and option of your phone is also available. 

Your data should be stored on Google Drive, as per our suggestion. When your phone is lost or you break up with your partner, you could obtain your data from Google Drive if it was saved there. See image

google sms backup and restore

File for backup storage: 

The next step is to choose a file for your data storage.  Google Drive users should have the app default to “My Drive” if they’re using Google Drive. You can change the folder location by tapping on the default folder name and then tapping on the three-dots icon in the top-right corner. Choose “Create a folder,” give it a name, then tap “OK” to proceed. At the bottom, choose “Use this folder.

Google drive setup: 

Setup your google account by logging in with the following account in which you want to save your backup data. Save the account and wait for the data to be uploaded on your google drive account. 

Choose the location where your backup will be stored. Your most recent backup should automatically be selected on the next screen when you open the app. Use the image provided to your advantage. 

google sms backup and restore

Restore backup: 

Select “Restore.” You may be asked to change the default SMS app; if so, tap “OK,” then select SMS Backup & Restore and tap “Set as default.” You can always change this later in Android’s settings. Hit the close button after the backups have been restored. 

Benefits of Google Sms Backup and Restore

In general, it is not an important issue to discuss, yet SMS backups have their own benefits. Our SMS box may have anything important that gets deleted when the time for backups expires. Our Google drive could be of help in this case since we had a backup.


We can learn how to create Google sms backups and restores from this article once we read it. The article should be read by everyone who wants to save SMS data using backups. This explanation is comprehensive and readers would be able to understand the procedure easily and can create backups of SMS.

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