How Do You Uninstall a Program On Windows 10

Windows 10 provides its users a built-in way through which a user can easily remove or uninstall the unwanted and undesired apps from the PC. It is not difficult to do so. Besides this built-in way of removing unwanted apps from PC, we have multiple other ways by which we can uninstall the applications and free up our disk space.

How to Uninstall apps On Windows 10 Using Start Menu

A person has the easiest way of uninstalling or removing apps from the Start menu of Windows 10. To remove the app using this way, the user has to click on the menu to see the list of the apps he has. Then, after this, he has to right-click on the particular app to be removed. A pop-up will appear on the screen which will have a remove option in it. Select it. And then confirm to proceed with the uninstallation of the application. See the below image to follow instructions:

how to uninstall apps on windows 10

Uninstallation app From the SETTINGS

A person can also uninstall the applications from settings. For this, he has to go to the settings, then to the apps, they have to click on the apps and features. This will show a list of both windows installed and standard desktop applications. In other words, the user will have a complete list of all the applications running on the Pc. Then simply the user has to select the application and select the remove or uninstall option to get rid of it. Just have a look to below image to understand the guide:

uninstalling app using settings

Uninstallation of apps From the Control Panel

If you wish to uninstall the apps by using the control panel you can either have this way. What you have to do is simply click on the start button and then search the control panel in the search bar, click on the icons, this will only show you the system installed applications of the PC, not the windows universal applications. Now, you have to right-click on the icon of the selected app and select the uninstall option to get rid of that application.

All the above-mentioned ways are way easier, and the user can not only easily understands them but also he can follow the steps and uninstall the apps to free up his disk space for new more applications. A person also removes his older applications when he wants to replace them or gets an advanced version of them. All the mentioned points will prove beneficial guidelines to the windows 0 users so they can run their system in a better way. 

Why Remove or Uninstall Applications From Windows 10?

A user finds the removal and uninstallation of certain apps necessary when he finds out that he does not need them anymore, or his computer starts bucking due to low storage space. In order to improve the efficiency of the computer, the user has to clean up the disk space and for this purpose, he needs to uninstall and remove all the unwanted apps.

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