How to Add VPN to Windows 10 For Free In USA

Do you want to add a VPN to your Windows computer for free even you are anywhere from the world specially from USA? People used various servers to add VPN to computers. VPN is a short form of Virtual Private Network, which is adapted to secure privacy and security controls. VPN makes decoded mine between device and server to be handled by the VPN service. The VPN server is also used to hide your exact location because any spectator detecting your activities will see your VPN server’s IP address.

There are several ways by which you can easily connect VPN to your computer, but here, we will guide you that how can you connect VPN to Windows 10 on your computers? Many providers provide some remarkable software that sanctions you to easily attach to many other VPN servers. Windows has some special characteristics that permit to set up VPN servers individually as easily and quickly. In our study, we will guide you that how can you connect VPN to your Windows 10 easy step by step. Now, we enlist all details to connect VPN to Windows 10.

How to Add a VPN Connection Windows 10

We u all guidelines by adopting which you can easily connect VPN to Windows. Now, we will elaborate on all these steps one by one.

1. Right Login Details:

To establish VPN to Windows 10, you have to attain the right login. If you aren’t able to get the right login details then you cannot able to access the VPN server. If a VPN connection is organized by workstation,  you have to interrogate your boss about the right login. Do you want to create a VPN for your personal use? So, you can initiate this login information while setting up your account. Right login information consisting of a username, password, and a specific server address by which you can connect.

2. VPN Settings in Windows:

Do you want to install a VPN on Windows10? You have to make sure that your Windows account is used with regulation rights. Mostly, the owner of a computer has these rights that he can share it with others or not. When you have one user on the device with whom you are working, you have all rights to use it automatically.

To open VPN settings in Windows, you Go to the Start Menu and click on Settings. The setting button appeared as a cogwheel. When “Setting Screen” opens, you have to click Network and Internet from the menu. After that, select VPN from the list on the left side of the screen. At this time, the VPN setting screen shows on Windows, now it’s ready to add a VPN connection to the system.

3. VPN Connection:

Now, it’s time to add a VPN connection, click on the bottom, Add a VPN connection will be shown on a screen. See the below photo to follow:

how to add a vpn connection windows 10

A blue screen appeared, in which you can add details of your VPN provider. Providing VPN an identifiable name in Connection name, now enter Server Name and Address. In VPN Type, choose the VPN protocol that you want to use. Mostly, the Automatic option will be selected here. In username and password, you have to enter a specific username and password.

how to add vpn to windows 10

 In Type of sign-in info, mention the username and password. In the end, entering all necessary, click Save. 

4. Connecting VPN Server:

By using the VPN menu in Setting, now you can select the added VPN connection from the list and connect to the VPN server. Now, you are securely connected to the VPN server and access the internet easily and safely on your Windows 10.

How to Connect VPN to Windows 10

Now, here we enlist some important guidelines by which you can easily install VPN software to your Windows 10. Let’s discuss all guidelines step by step.

how to add vpn to windows 10

  1. For this purpose, go to the official website of the desired VPN provider and select the subscriptions that you want. You can buy the subscription to create your account.
  2. VPN Software can be downloaded from the official page
  3. After downloading the VPN software, click on it and adopt the steps to install a VPN on the computer
  4. By entering your username and password, log in to your VPN software
  5. According to your desire, you can choose the VPN server that you want and feel suitable
  6. Most VPN programs have a large power button due to which you can turn on the VPN server with just one click

After connecting to a VPN server on Windows 10, you can protect all activities on the internet quickly, easily, and freely. It’s a good idea to protect your daily activities on the internet and secure your data.

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