How To Take A Screenshot On Windows

There are multiple ways of taking a screenshot on windows. You can do this even with few simple clicks and with the help of simple graphic files already installed in your windows. Let’s have a look at all methods one by one.

Take a screenshot on the window by using the keys

Method 1. Screenshot by Keys Step by Step

Step 1: Press “PrtScn” and windows button simultaneously

First of all, you have to identify the buttons of PrtScn on your keyboard. Mostly, it is located on the top right side of your laptops/computer’s keyboard. Other than this, you have to see the bottom left corner of the keyboard for the window button. As seen in the picture:

Now, you have to press these two buttons simultaneously. The window will capture the whole screen and print it on an invisible clipboard which you can paste easily on any visible page.

Note: Print screen button might have different abbreviation buttons on your keyboard. For this, you may look for buttons.

Step 2: Paste your captured screen on the visible clipboard

After capturing the screen you have to paste it somewhere for your use. For this, you can use the Ctrl + V button simultaneously. You can paste your captured screen easily on Microsoft office and any visible clipboard.

Method 2. ScreenShot for single windows

For Capturing a single window you can also press + altogether. First, you have to hold on the Alt button and then press the PrtScn button. The window will capture your screen and copy it on its clipboard so you can paste it easily.

For pasting the captured screen you just have to use key Ctrl and V. You just have to hold on Ctrl and press the V key for pasting.

Method 3. Screenshot of a specific area

The above 2 methods are good for whole window screen capturing. Now, we will discuss the keys method for the screenshot of any specific area of the window.

First of all, you have to hold on to the + “Shift button” and “S” key. All three keys simultaneously. A window as shown in the picture will be open.

Now you can select your desired area for capturing the screen and can paste it on your clipboard.

Take a screenshot on the window by using the graphic files

Method 1: By using Paint

In windows, a graphic file name paint is installed. So what you have to do is simply press the window button and search for a paint application. Open the application and see the window.

Again you have to hold  and for capturing the image of your window. And paste it on your paint application for further processing. The window of paint looks like this. In which you can find different options for the editing of your screenshot.

Method 2: By using the Snipping tool

Microsoft has introduced a snipping tool for windows 10 long ago. This is a very easy and handy tool for the users. You can save time and energy both by using this tool. Simple you have to type snipping tool in the search bar of your window. An application will appear on your window. You just have to open it up and capture the screen by using your mouse. The snipping tool looks like sown in the picture. You can capture the screen by clicking on new and dragging the mouse of the selected area and it will automatically paste the captured image on its clipboard.

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  2. If you want to use the photo it would also be good to check with the artist beforehand in case it is subject to copyright. Best wishes.

  3. If you want to use the photo it would also be good to check with the artist beforehand in case it is subject to copyright. Best wishes.


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