How to measure screen size

When you want to buy any devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, iPhones, and many other devices, then your main focus is on the screen size of that device that you want to buy. The screen size of any device will be measured diagonally in inches. The size will indicate the difference between the two opposite corners. Now, we will elaborate below that how you can measure the screen size of devices like computers, laptops, etc.

How to measure screen size on laptop

Do you want to measure the screen size of your laptop? You have to know the important things regarding measuring it. The screen of the laptop varies according to different sizes and ratios. The size of the laptop screen is mostly measured in inches from one corner to the next corner diagonally across from it. Through this, the measurement of laptop screen size becomes quite easy. There are two ways to measure screen size, which discussed below in detail.

With Measuring Tape:

The laptop screen can be measured easily by using measuring tape. It is the most traditional way to measure. There are the following steps to measure it:

  • Firstly, you open your laptop, and then you have to place the measurement tape in the top left corner of your laptop.
  • Now, you have to pull your measuring tape to the bottom right corner of the laptop.
  • Now, you read the measurement on your measurement tape. The measurement that you read on your measurement tape, tells you the exact size of your laptop screen.

Without Measuring Tape:

If you want to measure screen size by using a measuring tape, then you can measure it by searching laptop Specifications on the web. By doing this, you can also get other useful information along with the specific measurement of your laptop screen. Every laptop brand has its own different ways to show its specification.

So, first of all, you make sure to know about your laptop Model Number. The model number will be shown on the downside of the laptop. Now, in the search panel, you introduce your model number, it will show you different options for your laptop like manuals, etc. After that, you have a look at your “product information“ now, you check the specification of your laptop model.

You will find specifications related to your laptop Ram Memory and also other options. The measurement of your screen size will be shown in the Display section.  Now, you can check the exact measurement of the screen.

How to measure TV screen size

If you want to measure the screen size of your TV, then you don’t need to worry, we will give you some important guidelines to measure your TV screen size accurately.  Measuring a TV screen size is a very simple activity that will take a few minutes to complete. There are several steps, by which you can easily measure it.

  • First of all, you need to have a measurement tape and place it in the lower left-hand corner of your TV screen.
  • Now, you have to check that you start to measure from the beginning of the actual screen, don’t start to measure from the plastic frame of the TV screen.
  • Now, you extend or pull your measuring tape to the upper right corner of the TV screen ( or diagonally from where you start)
  • Finally, you record the length between these two corners of the screen. The exact measurement between these two corners is the accurate size of your TV screen that you want to know.

How to measure iPod screen size

As like, laptop and TV screen, you can also measure the screen size of the iPod.  While measuring iPod screen size, the first thing to know is that whether you want to measure just the lit part of the iPod screen, not the black bezel that surrounds it. Now, we will discuss several ways to measure the screen size of the iPod.

Measure iPod’s size by Model:

You can measure screen size of IPod by its Model, you have to follow some steps regarding it.

  • First of all, you have to know the Model number of your iPod. You turn on your iPod and the model number will be shown on the back cover of the iPod. The model number will be shown in small print form and it starts with the letter A followed by 4 digits.
  • If the model number is not read clearly or not illegible, then you can also find another model number in Settings, which is also called as order number, In Settings on iPod, go to “General” and select ”About”. Now, select word “Model “then you will see a combination of number and letters start with letter M, it will show the model number.
  • After knowing the model number, now, you can go to the website page of your compare iPods model. On this page, below each iPod model, you will get the screen size that you want.

Measuring iPod size by Hand:

If you have an iPod, which is not listed on the web page, then you can use this method.  It consists of the following steps which help you to measure the screen size of the IPod by hand.

  • First of all, you lay your iPod on a flat surface in a vertical orientation. The shorter size of the iPod should be parallel to your body. You make sure that your iPod is free from accessories, because of this you can measure screen size accurately by using measuring tape or ruler.
  • You arrange your ruler to make sure that zero of the ruler is lined up with the outer edge to get an accurate measurement. Now, you measure the left edge of the IPod to the right edge.
  • You should arrange a ruler parallel with the longer side of the iPod. Now, measure the bottom edge of the iPod to the top edge.
  • In the end, now you have to measure screen size from the screen’s bottom-left corner to its top-right corner. You should place the ruler diagonally on the screen. By doing this, you will get the exact screen size of the iPod.

How to measure screen size of computer monitor

Computer monitor sizes are varied and based on the diagonal measurement of the screen. To measure the computer monitor screen, you have to follow these guidelines step by step.

  • First of all, you have to take a ruler. You have to measure the horizontal length from one end to the other end of the monitor.
  • Now, you have to determine the vertical height from the top of the monitor to the bottom. You just have to measure only the image area.
  • In the end, you have to multiply the length to the height to get the accurate screen size of a computer monitor.

How to measure phone screen size

Cell phone screen size is measured diagonally in inches and it consists of the width and height of the screen. A phone screen also has a number of pixels that can be measured on the width and length of the screen. A phone screen has two orientations which are also considered important while measuring it.

  1. Portrait:  In this, the height of the screen is larger than its width.
  2. Landscape: In this, the width of the screen is larger than its height

We can measure screen size of phone in two ways.

Measuring size in inches:

We can measure screen size of phone in inches between to diagonally opposite corners.

Measuring size in Pixels:

We can measure the phone screen size in pixels by dividing the number of pixels on either the vertical or horizontal axis by the length in inches of that side. The length of any side of the phone screen will be calculated from the diagonal size of the plane screen and the pixel ratio between the X and Y-axis.

How to measure screen size on tablet

The most important part of a tablet is its screen. The screen of the tablet may be small, medium, or large, most people think that the large screen of a tablet is better than the small size, but it’s not right. A large size screen may be suitable for watching videos, playing games, but it’s not suitable for other purposes.

Now, we will discuss in detail that how we will measure the screen size of the tablet? There are the following ways to measure it.

Measuring size by Ruler:

You can measure screen by using ruler under the following steps.

  • You need to have a ruler to measure the length of the screen of the tablet.  You have to align the ruler with the top edge of the bottom corner and the bottom edge on the top of the screen. You can also measure the width of the tablet screen by using the same method.
  • Now, you measure the size of the tablet screen diagonally by holding a ruler on the inner opposite sides of the screen.

Measuring size by Model:

You can also measure the screen size of the tablet by its Model number. Most people adopted this way to measure screen size because it’s a too easy and time-saving method.

  • First of all, you have to go to Settings and click on the ‘About’ it consists of a model number and all other specifications.
  • Now, you enter the name and model number of your tablet and you will find the exact size of the tablet screen and all other information.

How to measure iPhone screen size

Do you want to measure the screen size of the iPhone? When you want to measure the iPhone screen size, you have to consider different values. There are several ways in which you can measure screen size.

  • In this way, you can measure the screen size of the iPhone with a ruler from corner to corner.
  • In this way, the points are referred to as the size that the device is using for the coordinates. It means that it takes the larger iPhone resolution and compresses these pixels into a smaller space.
  • It referred to the number of pixels that are rendered. It is the value that you get when you apply the multiplication of the device used to measure screen size in points.

It referred to as actual screen size and it is important in case of specifications.
All these measures provide us help to evaluate the screen size of tablets accurately and effectively.

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